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Photography and Story by Beverly Factor

“Angelee Saves the Sea" is the story of an Angelfish, Angelee, who saves the sea from pollution and destruction by making a picture book of all her friends she meets along her journey through the sea.  Each fish she meets tell her why they are endangered in the sea (example: Tuttie the Turtle gets her turtle eggs and turtle shell stolen).  They all want to help her save the sea, as well as improve their own conditions in the ocean. (A Glossary is included at the end of the book describing the fish).

Angelee's goal is to give her picture book to the World Leaders who are doing a TV presentation on Earth Day.  The World Leaders would then be able to show the beauty of the sea below to the Land People above so they will take action to help protect it.

Angelee has to get from her beginning destination in the sea to the where the Earth Day TV show is, on time, but she runs into all kinds of problems on her journey that delay her such as getting caught in the oil spill, the chemical spill, trapped in the fishing nets, etc. until Dolphy the Dolphin comes to help her in the last few hours...and then they both get caught under a fishing trap!  Does she make it?

The story is illustrated with all real underwater photographs (not drawings) that really do show the beauty of the sea.  It is a page-turner, educational, and teaches kids all about the ocean and how important it is to keep it clean.  It is incredibly timely since the environment is of such importance right now.  

ENDORSEMENTS from  Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ted Danson, OCEANA; Gregg MacGillivray, IMAX filmmaker; and WYLAND, Ocean Artist.

“Angelee Saves the Sea” is the first of it's kind adventure story for children that helps teach them about the oceans and how mankind has impacted it and caused harm to the fish that live in it.  Through real underwater photographic images, children “see” the beauty of the sea and get to know its inhabitants.  

Unlike illustrated books, this book really does show the true beauty of the sea through its unique, unmanipulated underwater photographic imagery. Children get to learn about the various sea creatures underwater by seeing their picture and they also get to learn the why the animal is endangered or threatened.

Children also get to learn about pollution and what effect mankind's action regarding pollution has on the environment.   It is an easy to read, fun and exciting adventure story that holds the child's interest and gets the child rooting for Angelee to make it through her journey while educating them at the same time.

There has never been a story about the effects of pollution on our oceans for children before.  This story will make a child think about what is in our oceans and what they can do to help protect all the living creatures in the sea.

Each child will think they are also on the journey with Angelee underwater because of the author's unique story telling style and experience as a scuba diver and underwater photographer for over 20 years.  

This is a unique way to make children aware of what our oceans look like.

About the Author

beverly factorBeverly Factor has traveled the globe photographing the mysterious world below the ocean’s surface. A certified Naui dive master for over 20 years, Beverly gave up the corporate life and took a chance. She followed her heart and made her dream of traveling the world to photograph exotic undersea life come true.

Boston born, Beverly Factor now lives in Laguna Beach, California. Her award winning work has been widely published in magazines, books, television and art exhibits. She has traveled to over 30 countries photographing the world beneath the sea. With her latest fine art work featured in Seaduction, Beverly shows the seductive side of sea through her lens in these abstract works.

Beverly is focused on making the oceans healthier for us all, including future generations, through her photography and words. One way she hopes to accomplish this by educating the very people who will make this happen the future generation the children. Angelee Saves the Sea is her gift to children everywhere in the hopes they will take notice and help protect this world that covers 70% of the earth. Healthy oceans = healthy planet = healthy lives.

Beverly offers a line of products to the public including Under The Sea and Diving calendars, custom prints, posters, and note cards through her company Envirovision and her web site,

A special thanks to all the dive operators, people, and companies who have helped her achieve her goals and guided her to the most beautiful, remote and challenging dive destinations in the world.

Beverly hopes you’ll share in her dream and be as captivated by the wonder and beauty of the sea as she has been.


Beverly was honored to be invited at OCEANA’s SEACHANGE Summer Party where her underwater images were featured.  She chatted with Morgan Freeman, Ted Danson, and Pierce Brosnan, amongst other celebrities.

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Endorsementsfor Angelee Saves the Sea

“Angelee Saves the Sea provides children with terrific images to show the beauty the ocean world has to offer. It draws kids into the story with remarkable photography of sea creatures in their natural habitat and hooks them with a unique story and a great message of conservation.”
    -Valarie Whiting – Board of Directors, Oceana

“Angelee Saves the Sea is an unforgettable adventure story that educates children about the sea with amazing photography and unique characters.  Thank you Beverly Factor for this fun story that will be sure to help children save our oceans.”
 --Ted Danson,  Actor/Ocean Activist

“Angelee Saves the Sea is a wonderful story, certain to help the next generation better appreciate the wonder of the sea and inspire young people to care for it.   I applaud Beverly Factor for a job well done.
 --Jean-Michel Cousteau - Ocean Futures Society

“Angelee Saves the Sea” is a wonderful paean of imagination, beauty and adventure – and helps us all understand the importance of the ocean to our very soul.”
  -Greg MacGillivray, IMAX Theatre Filmmaker

“Angelee Saves the Sea educates and inspires children with the message of conservation through world-class underwater photography and a cool story.”
 --  Wyland – Premiere Ocean Artist

Comments / Reviewsfor Angelee Saves the Sea

If you have any comments, please e-mail Beverly at to have yours listed here too!

A Fish that Saves the Sea
Beverly Factor brings deep oceanic issues to the water’s surface through her newly released children’s book, Angelee Saves the Sea.

Across 40 pages, Angelee the Angelfish embarks on a journey to create a picture book with photographs of all the fishy friends she meets. The photos are accompanied by stories that explain why her friends are endangered and how their habitats can be saved.

While the fictional Angelee intends to give her photo book to the world’s leaders in hopes they will better protect the ocean environment, Factor anticipates Angelee Saves the Sea will educate and inspire the younger generation to give our majestic oceans the respectful treatment and appreciation they deserve.

Factor has traveled and photographed all over the globe, especially the marine world, and many of these gorgeous, original full-color photographs have found their way into the book. “Through real underwater photographs, I want children to really ‘see’ the beauty of the ocean and get to know its inhabitants,” Factor says. – V.C.

Angelee wins two awards!





Wish you the best of luck with your new book – I truly enjoyed reading it.  Angelee Saves the Sea is enjoyable for both children and adults alike!  The graphics are especially great.  Thank you for sharing it with me.   Will we be seeing you at SeaChange?

Best wishes,

James F. Simon | Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Oceana

I bought your new children's book at the Saw Dust Festival for my 8 year old daughter Jenna. I just want to tell you that we had the most fabulous experience reading the book together!!! It really opened her eyes to the importance of protecting our ocean. The pictures in the book are so beautiful, and Jenna was fascinated by the fact that you actually took the pictures. She has carried the book around to share with our family and friends!. 
Thank you so much for your dedication to protecting our ocean... and thank you for bringing ocean awareness to our children with such a clever and heartwarming story!!!!
Good luck to you!
Warm Regards,
Kimberly Ward

I purchased your wonderful book at the Sawdust Festival 2 weeks ago. Before sharing it with my grandchildren, I wanted to read it completely through. It is a great story. The pictures are truly amazing. My grandkids are going to love it!

Sharlene Young

at the prestigious BLUE OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL in Monterey, California

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